Are you tired of feeling like the life you want is just out of reach? Have you had to FIGHT for every single thing you have, but still feel like the fight is never over? Are you looking for a sense of connection, sisterhood and motivation? 

Meet Michelle – she’s been there. She’s done it all. And she is ready to share her story. 

Girl Got Game is a book about living a life with purpose, passion and the right amount of grit and determination to succeed. It’s about dealing with the knocks life delivers but never letting them get you down. 

It’s about knowing when to laugh and when to scream, and how to build a life you love. Read this book. Take it in. You won’t regret it.


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Who is Michelle Mitchell? Well, that’s a question she’s asked herself many times, and the answer is usually too long for a typical bio! Michelle is a social media superstar who grew her baby blog on creating an organic, low-tox home for her family into a massive website and social media empire with thousands of fans. 

She is a mama bear, a fiercely supportive girlfriend, and an absolute guru when it comes to branding, marketing, building a business from scratch, and kicking goals. 

She is a storyteller, a podcaster, a photographer, author, personal branding specialist and she even dabbles in a bit of website development, because it’s not like she doesn’t have enough to do! 

But most of all, Michelle is a community builder, and she is passionate about supporting other women to reach out for their goals and attack their future with ambition and determination to succeed.